Fuming hippo chases terrified tourists as safari comes inches away from jaws of beast

A furious hippo was spotted hunting down a tour boat of safari-ready tourists, who found themselves a little too close for comfort with the jaws of the wild beast in a chilling clip

An angry hippo was seen just inches away from a boat crammed with tourists (Image: Twitter/30sectips)

A furious hippo has chased down a boat packed with safari-going tourists who found themselves just inches away from the jaws of a wild beast.

The now-viral video showcased tourists aboard a speedboat, taking in the sights of their surroundings and a close-by hippopotamus that took more than an interest in them.

They were just metres away from the boat when the huge animal decided to try and strike, diving in and out of the sea in chilling footage that startled tourists.

A Twitter handle which published the video used the close encounter to remind people not to get too close to dangerous, wild animals.

A fuming hippo was spotted getting a little too close for comfort with tourists aboard a speedboat (Image: Twitter/30sectips)

Showcasing the hippopotamus in all its terrifying glory, an account tweeted: “Although accurate numbers are hard to come by, lore has it that hippos kill more people each year than lions, elephants, leopards, buffaloes and rhinos combined. Don’t get close!”

Users replying to the video were equally as terrified by the encounter, with one user adding that they had to “change my pants” after watching the shocking footage.

The horrifying clip showed how close the hippo had gained on the boat, with just inches separating the jaws of the beast from those on board.

Although the location of the video was not mentioned, it appears that the hippo had no intention of a friendly encounter with the tourists.

Safari-goers got more than they bargained for when the hippo steamed toward their vessel (Image: Twitter/30sectips)

Horrifying footage from the event showed a fairly unmoved captain steering the boat, picking up speed and moving away from the jaws of the hippo, NDTV reported.

It came just in time, for the footage showcasing the hippo and its terrifying rise and fall through the waters provided an up close and personal encounter tourists may not have been expecting.

The footage received hundreds of thousands of views, with one user noting that those on board may not have been aware of just “how dangerous” the beast was.

Another added however that they had “never had a problem” with the hippos residing in their house, linking an image of the board game, Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Hippos are one of the most dangerous animals in the world, killing an estimated 500 people a year in Africa according to the BBC – more than any other creature except for disease-carrying mosquitoes.


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